We want children to see themselves reflected in the faces of our toys and have fun imagining the infinite opportunities life holds. By creating toys based on real-life American heroes, our goal is to inspire children to dream their own superhero adventures. After all, toys should be fun but we believe they can even be inspiring.

Our Story

Starting at age seven, the founder of History In Action Toys was an avid collector of comic books. In fact, he loved collecting comic books so much, he braved a 20 minute bus ride with his five year old sister in tow to downtown Philadelphia just to get the latest issue in his favorite series. His fondness for collecting and a Christmas shopping experience inspired him to create his own collectible. In 2003, the Founder was shopping for a Christmas present for a friend’s son and wanted to buy an unusual toy. He finally purchased a doll of a famous scientist and was struck by the toy’s educational quality.

When the child opened the toy, he looked at his father, asking him who this person was. His father explained that he was a famous scientist and the boy stared at the doll in amazement. Later, he put the toy in a special place in his room. Seeing the excitement and wonder on the boy’s face gave the Founder an idea. Using real heroes from history, he created a series of action figures that were fun, positive role models, whose real-life stories would awaken both a child’s imagination and appeal to the kid within us all. History in Action Toys was born!


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